For Parents Only

Yes, we guarantee that your teen will pass their DMV Test or your money back. But more importantly:

  • Our mission is to make sure your new teen driver gets home safely!

Our prep courses were created so that your teen could retain the knowledge for not only passing their DMV exam the first time, but also provide the knowledge that will prepare them for a lifetime of safe driving. Designed by military safety officers, our prep courses follow the same process used to train commercial airline pilots. Intense and detailed? Yes. But we feel the best way to prepare your teen for the DMV exam and the rules of the road is to "over-prepare" them.

As an Official third-party tester for an Official State Drivers License Test, we are able to see the Official results of those teens who complete our prep course and those who do not.

  • 83% of teens who complete our Prep Course pass their written Drivers License Exam on their first attempt.
  • Nearly 50% of teens who did not complete a prep course FAIL their written Drivers License Exam on their first attempt.
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While the statistics for the success of our prep course speaks for itself, we strongly encourage parents to be an integral part of this learning process. As your teen completes the courses, you'll be able to see where he or she is deficient and what areas need improvement. Effectively communicating your own knowledge and experience, along with completion of the prep courses, you are providing your teen with the foundation for becoming a Safe Driver.