Drivers License FAQs

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Our practice tests will prepare you for your written driver's license test and road skills test online! We offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Complete our prep courses and you'll pass your road test and written exam the first time or we'll refund your money for the cost of the course!

How to Pass your DMV Written Knowledge Exam

A drivers license prep course is a mock test that simulates the experience of taking the actual written / driving portion of the exam, without the risk of failing and having to wait the required waiting period before getting to take it again.

New drivers have found the best way to prepare and pass the exam is with a prep course. To get your learners permit you'll have to take written Road Rules exam and a Road Signs exam. Most state exams use a computerized system. The tests normally consist of anywhere from 20 to 40 multiple choice questions. Each test is made up of questions drawn at random from a large data base of questions, so no one will ever see exactly the same test twice. This is exactly how our drivers license prep course works.

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A big problem for new drivers is where to start. Knowing which parts of the driving manual are most important and how the information will relate to actual, real life, driving can be confusing. Taking a DMV practice exam can help.

When you log in, you will be given a test consisting of 20 random questions on the Road Rules and 20 random questions on the Road signs selected from our database. Take the test as many times as you like, because the test questions change each time you log in. Correct answers are provided at the end of each test, along with detailed explanations. When you have successfully taken and passed the test at least five times you're GUARANTEED to pass the official test at your local DMV office.

In most states, you'll need to achieve a minimum passing score of 70% to pass Road Rules and Road Signs knowledge test and the driving skills test with an examiner.

Please select your state at the top for a complete list of driving privileges for your state.

There is a national model for Graduated Driver Licensing Programs provides guidelines for states to create their own GDL programs. At this point, no state follows the same guidelines for new drivers with a learners permit, but here is a list of recommended guidelines:

  • State sets minimum age for a learner's permit at no younger than age 16
  • Pass vision and knowledge tests, including rules of the road, signs, and signals
  • Completion of basic driver training
  • Licensed adult (who is at least 21 years old) required in the vehicle at all times
  • All occupants must wear seat belts;
  • Teenage-passenger restrictions;
  • Zero alcohol while driving;
  • Permit is visually distinctive from other driver licenses;
  • Must remain crash and conviction free for at least six months to advance to next level;
  • Parental certification of 30 to 50 practice hours (most include a minimum of 10 hours at night); and
  • No use of portable electronic communication and entertainment devices.

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) programs help young drivers get driving experience progressively while minimizing risk, beginning with a restricted permit and eventually leading to full licensure. Most programs include three stages:

  • Learner Stage: Supervised driving, ending with a road test
  • Intermediate Stage: Limiting unsupervised driving in high-risk circumstances
  • Full Privilege Stage: A regular driver's license

How to Pass Your Driving Skills Test

Most often, an automatic failure is caused by breaking a traffic law. Some of the more common automatic driving test failures are:

  • Failing to stop completely at a stop sign
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Failure to yield
  • Hitting the curb during the three-point-turn
  • Hitting the cones (meaning, in a real situation, hitting another vehicle) while performing the parking maneuvers
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Overall failure rate for for the US varies by state, but ranges between a 25% to 35% failure rate according to GMAC Insurance.

This depends on the regulations in the state where you take your test. In some states you can take it the very next day. Other states may make you wait a week or more before re-trying the exam. That waiting period is designed to give you more time to practice before taking the driving test again. The best way to avoid this delay is to practice, become confident in your abilities, and pass the exam the first time!