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Our driving test prep course helps you pass the written test because it replicates the experience of taking the test at the driver's license office. Often, people are surprised when they take a DMV Practice Test because they realize how little they remember even after reading the handbook. You don't want that surprise when you're already at the driver's license office!

Pass your Driver's License test GUARANTEED!

Prepare for the DMV Exam online! Don't spend hours studying the DMV Handbook when you can study online with our Guaranteed DMV Prep Course.

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In most states, you'll need to achieve a minimum passing score of 70% to pass the driving test.

The questions on the written test are typically drawn from a database of over 500 questions and very test is random. And questions on the test are written with the assumption that you understand the entire drivers license handbook, so knowing just a few parts of the handbook may not be sufficient to achieve the minimum passing score on the test, which is 70% for the Road Rules and Road Signs in most states.

The best part - our course offers a GUARANTEE! We guarantee that you will pass your written DMV exam your first time or we will provide you with a full refund for the cost of the course.

But an online practice permit test does more than help you pass the written test to get your learner's permit. It helps you remember the Road Rules and Road Signs that will help you keep your driver's license and make you a safer driver. Skimming the handbook and memorizing a few facts that are quickly forgotten is not a good use of your time. Take a practice permit test course from the comfort of your home.

It is difficult to learn enough from the driver's license manual to pass the written test and simply reading the handbook is not enough.

Online Prep Course

Get behind a "virtual wheel" and practice for the road test portion of the driving test. After completing the course you'll know the top reasons new drivers fail their exam, so that you do not make those same mistakes. You'll prepare for your driver's license with a checklist similar to one the driver examiner uses and know the driving manuevers you'll be tested on before you head to the DMV office.

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