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Pass your driving test the first time with confidence by taking a virtual behind-the-wheel driving test online. You'll learn what to expect BEFORE going to the DMV.

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Our Goal is that you Pass Your Driving Test the 1st Time with Confidence

Most new drivers get are very nervous about taking the DMV Driving Test with a Driver License Examiner. This course is designed to take away your fears by giving you the training and confidence you need to pass your Driving Test at the DMV the 1st time! With our behind-the-wheel online simulator course, you'll know the driving skills the examiner will be reviewing and the areas that you might need to brush up on before taking the official DMV driving test. You'll also be provided checklists similar to those used by the examiner. Don't be nervous; gain confidence with our online behind the wheel course!

How do we do it...To create this course, our certified driving improvement instructors reviewed the DMV required driving test maneuvers to be performed to receive a driver's license. In this comprehensive course, you'll find the tools and resources to gain the confidence to pass your driving road test, receive your driver's license and feel safe on the road!

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100% Online Driving Test Simulator Course

Get behind a "virtual wheel" and practice for the road test portion of the driving test. After completing the course you'll know the top reasons new drivers fail their exam, so that you do not make those same mistakes. You'll prepare for your driver's license with a checklist similar to one the driver examiner uses and know the driving manuevers you'll be tested on before you head to the DMV office.

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