DMV Behind the Wheel Driving Test

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Driving Test Course

I used your behind the wheel course to practice for the driving test and knew exactly the maneuvers I needed to work on. It made practicing driving with my parents a lot less stressful. I passed my road test on my first try!

- B. Spencer

Behind-The-Wheel Road Test

I just want to thank you for creating this course. I was so nervous to get my drivers license but once I knew exactly what I was going to be tested on during the road test it was easy. I got my driver's license the first try out! Thank you!

- R. Hunt

Pass Driving Test

What I liked about the course was I was able to visualize the driving test. I was still nervous, but I knew what the driving examiner was looking for and it really helped with my confidence. I don't think I would have passed my first time with out this course.

- A. Ortiz

Online Driving Simulator

Get behind a "virtual wheel" and practice for the road test portion of the driving test. After completing the course you'll know the top reasons new drivers fail their exam, so that you do not make those same mistakes. You'll prepare for your driver's license with a checklist similar to one the driver examiner uses and know the driving manuevers you'll be tested on before you head to the DMV office.

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